Every Mark Tells a Story



This booklet was created to showcase a photography project completed during my undergraduate studies. Subjects were invited to talk about the story behind any marking on their body, from scars and birthmarks to freckles and imprints. The purpose of this project was to explore a form of storytelling using the body as a visual timeline of memories.


Katherine Hughes


2017 Elizabethtown College Scholarship + Creative Arts Day


Scars connect us all as humans because we all have them. Each mark acts as a personal story embellished onto the body. These physical markings help to remind a person of the small pieces that contribute to an overall life story.

“I have a mole that I always hated. When I was a kid, I became really close with a girl in my class. She had a mole in the exact same spot. Mine doesn’t bother me so much anymore. It’s a tiny thing, but it connects us in a weird way.”