MDes Poster Show


Visual Identity

The University of Washington Master of Design Poster Show is an annual event that allows others to peer into the thesis progress of current masters students. The show takes place near the end of the first of three quarters of the thesis year. A poster is designed by each candidate to provide insight on the completed research stage of the thesis.


Solji Lee
Fei Shao
Vassilissa Semouchkina


A photoshop template was sent to the full cohort to create a collaborative experience while preparing for the show remotely. Each candidate chose at least four typefaces to be compiled into a gif. Type samples were then adjusted to allow quick readability.

Virtual Show

The poster show took place on Miro Board and Zoom. Miro acted as the landing space and allowed for interactivity with participants. Zoom provided a set time for viewers to ask questions and discuss with candidates about their research and projects thus far.